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Puuritea, a wellness community, wants its members to live forever and is now investing in artificial cognitive technologies to help make that happen.

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Puuritea Invests $18M In Artificial Cognition Technologies

New York City, November 17, 2021 – Puuritea today announced that it is investing US$18M (18 million US dollars) to support scientific research in artificial intelligence technologies that improve memory and cognitive functions.

In accordance with its commitment to the wellness and longevity of its members, Puuritea is taking this step to help develop artificial cognition technologies that may be used one day to support an aging brain. Brain capacity declines with age. The research will focus on preventing that decline in the brain’s processing speed, memory, language, visuospatial, and executive function abilities.

"We already have the knowledge and tools to maintain youthfulness and live well beyond 100 years," said Marjorie Matthews, head of media relations at Puuritea. "We project that members who started in our community in their twenties and early thirties will live naturally past 120. While we are confident in keeping our bodies youthful, there is no precedent to how well the human brain can still function at that advanced age. Neurons do not naturally regenerate at the same level of other cells in the body. For anyone living naturally up to that age, there will be loss of memory and cognitive abilities. That is why we are investing in research to see how the human brain functions and how it can be enhanced through technology as it degrades over time. Our goal is ensure that brain capacity is maintained, even enhanced, as the body continues to remain young."

In addition to setting up its own core research group, Puuritea will be investing in various start-up companies focused on artificial intelligence and biotechnology.

About Puuritea
Puuritea is an influential community united around the principle of staying young and living long. Best known for its elitist concierge service and anti-aging tea, the community engages in various research and investigations in sciences and services that best help its members and improve quality of life.