Our History

SummaryEngine started as a learning project by AlphaMakina to develop different techniques in AI and machine learning. The projects was undertaken by 4 great developers who spent more than 8 months tweaking algorithms and training the engine so it could learn on its own how to come up with meaningful and useful summaries. From there, the project kept growing until it became a fully-fledged summarizer of almost any general text written in English. We added a friendly user interface to it and made it available for testing by a large community. Once the beta testing period is over, we will make the service available to everyone for free through this website.

The benefits of summarizing texts are many, most notably being able to save significant amounts of time.

Our Future

Summarizing texts is great for personal use. For many businesses, being able summarize the content of their web pages for their visitors is priceless. Users of websites like news agencies, magazines, text-rich blogs, and others would benefit greatly from having summaries of the pages. That is why we are currently working on providing that service to businesses. Any website will be able to embed a snippet of JavaScript on their web pages to instantly get a summary as part of their page.